Introduction and Overview:

To Die Well (2008) ISBN 978-0-7382-1163-3
Sidney Wanzer, MD and Joseph Glenmullen, MD

     This book is listed first because it is probably the best book to start with. It is wise, comprehensive and practical. Your local bookstore may have it; if they don't, they can probably special-order it.

Texts About Exit Methods: (most recent first)

Final Exit 2020 (digital edition, available since November 2019) ISBN 0 385 33653 5
Author: Derek Humphry

     This is a downloadable eBook, containing all the "extra" material which older editions have hospice, life insurance, "Who Shall Know?", and the idea of making your suicide look like a natural death. It performs a very useful service by debunking popular myths and pointing out the drawbacks of methods which a reader may be considering. It also outlines the inert-gas method, which is currently the most feasible method for most people. Available at Order-and-payment connections from the first screen. The price is $17.

Peaceful Pill Handbook, Digital Edition (updated every two months)
Peaceful Pill Handbook, Print Edition (updated every two years)
ISBN 978-1-933418-03-2
Authors: Philip Nitschke, MD and Fiona Stewart, PhD

     The Handbook does not explain how to make a suicide pill - the authors use the phrase "peaceful pill" as a shorthand term for "self-deliverance techniques which are tolerably comfortable and reliable".
     However, there is very helpful information about buying pentobarbital ("Nembutal") from veterinary pharmacies or chemical companies in such places as Central or South America and the Far East, something which may continue to be possible for a few years at least. (As the Handbook makes clear, such importing is illegal in most countries, so Customs departments occasionally confiscate shipments, but some people decide to take a chance.) The bimonthly updates give the latest information about which suppliers are reliable and which are fraudulent.
     Quite a few methods other than barbiturates are discussed as well, with the advantages and disadvantages of each being noted.
     There is also a useful section called "After It's All Over", giving important facts and warnings about what should (and should not) be done by surviving friends and relatives.
     To buy the print edition or subscribe to the electronic version (the "eHandbook") go to and click on "BUY THE HANDBOOK" (near the top right corner of the screen). The print edition costs about $50 and a two-year subscription to the digital version costs about $100.

Five Last Acts - The Exit Path, (2nd Edition 2015) ISBN 9781512176445
Author: Chris Docker, M Phil

     The five last acts involve (1) inert gases (such as helium and nitrogen), (2) compression (of the carotid arteries), (3) fatal drugs (such as chloroquine and amitriptyline), (4) plastic bags (with drugs that are not fatal unless backed up by a bag), and (5) "zero intake" (no food or drink). The book serves as a text for the self-deliverance workshops which are conducted regularly in the UK by the Scotland-based group Exit (not to be confused with the Australia-based group Exit International). sells this book. After choosing to search "Books", enter "docker five acts", then select one of the 2015 listings. Expect to pay about $50, though Amazon sometimes has cut-rate items.

Dignified Dying: A Guide, Print Edition (2015) ISBN 978-90-816194-7-9
Dignified Dying: A Guide, e-Book (2015) ISBN 978-1-1326-37778-6
Author: Boudewijn Chabot, MD PhD

     Chabot covers many of the same methods as the previous items on this list, but he adds extra details (often warnings or cautions) which are helpful. The text is available as a printed book (for about $25) or as an e-book (for about $20) via and perhaps also via

Taking Control of Your Death by Stopping Eating and Drinking (2014) ISBN 978-90-816194-3-1
Author: Boudewijn Chabot, MD PhD

     This book is based on extensive research which Chabot did as part of his PhD. From the surviving relatives of over 100 people who had hastened their death by "zero intake", he learned about many things to do or not do, in order to use this method comfortably and effectively. The book is available via for about $20 (try "chabot stopping" as your search).

The Best Way to Say Goodbye (2006) ISBN 978-1-933418-03-2
Author: Stanley Terman, MD PhD

     The author tested the zero-intake method on himself for four days. He found thirst to be more of a problem than hunger, but he also found numerous over-the-counter products which gave him relief; he lists these products on page 103 and provides photos of their packages on page 104. (see also pages 92, 105 111, 114 and 300). Many more care suggestions, often involving prescription drugs, are given in the book. has the print version, at prices ranging from $5 to $125, as well as a Kindle version, for about $20 (try "terman goodbye" as your search).