BIO - Paul Zollmann
Paul Zollmann

     Paul was born in a German-speaking region of Poland but during World War II the family fled to Israel (then Palestine) where he went to school and completed his military service. In 1955 Paul emigrated to Canada and got his engineering degree at McGill University in 1960. However, he found that engineering did not fascinate him as much as computers and the possibility of processing information mechanically, which became his occupation. He retired as a consultant in 1984 and for the following ten years he and his late wife Deltry operated a small craft studio (wood and clay).

     In 1993 they became life members of the Right to Die Society and in 1995 they began to be active in it, volunteering to help Austin Bastable in his quest for release from steadily worsening MS. Subsequently they made some contributions to the work of NuTech.

     Paul feels that the right to die is a human-rights issue, no less than the right to receive medical care while medicine can still help. He believes that euthanasia should be one of the tools in the kit of palliative-care professionals.